Different Courses Ashok Mishra's Spoken English Classes

  1. Self Introduction first the teacher will give his own and then explain the students and the students will give their introduction one by one. (1.30 Hrs.)
  2. Introductory ‘there’ with a/an and plural forms of noun. Students will speak and learn prepositions to locate the things (list of prepositions and plural will be given for the next day with home work.) (3 Hrs.)
  3. IImperatives with ‘The’ (known things) and prepositions and singular plurals (3 Hrs.)
  4. IVerb introduction, classification, and relation between Auxiliary and main verb and tenses. Tongue Practice for Perfection till perfection (verb forms all 3 forms) (6 Hrs.)
  5. ITypes of sentences 1)Assertive 2)Interrogative 3) Imperative 4)Exclamatory. (1.3 Hrs.)
  6. ISimple Present tense – daily routine, Celebration, journey making tea preparing other items (Sentence formation) (3 Hrs.)
  7. IContinuous present tense – Happenings around, Sentences, Railway station, school play ground. (1.3 Hrs.)
  8. IPerfect present have p.p. and have to. Explanation of continuous present and perfect present together with have to. (3 Hrs.)
  9. I9 Perfect present, simple past, perfect past comparatively together, with examples. (1.3 Hrs.)
  10. ISimple past yesterday, celebration, journey, report. (3 Hrs.)
  11. Continuous Past. (1.3 Hrs.)
  12. IContinuous past with perfect past. (1.3 Hrs.)
  13. I13 Want to, wanted to, have to, had to , will have to (3 Hrs.)
  14. ISimple future journey, tomorrow, future planning. (1.3 Hrs.)
  15. ISimple future with perfect future before and after 10 and at 10 o’ clock comparative study. (3 Hrs.)
  16. IContinuous perfect tense explanation with since for (1.3 Hrs.)
  17. IModals – can, may – should / must / ought / might would (conditionals) one by one and all 4 tenses all the sentences of would.
  18. IPractice of speaking all the sentences one by one. (1.3 Hrs.)
  19. INegative / Interrogative Sentences. (1.3 Hrs.)
  20. IActive – Passive, subject / object (Recognize Act/ pass) act/ pass (3 Hrs.)
  21. IHow tea is prepared, Transitive / Intransitive (with prepositions.) (1.3 Hrs.)
  22. IVerb book will be additional to be finished in one month. homework
  23. I200 phrasal verbs, phrases about 200, all conjunctions, Phrasal conjunction (10 Hrs.)
  24. ICausal Construction get / make / have (1.3 Hrs.)
  25. IHave, Have P.P., Have to, Have Sub 1st/ Have object P.P., Had better Ist (1.3 Hrs.)
  26. ILet for proposal, Permission, instruction to 3rd person, let and should. (3 Hrs.)
  27. IFinitive , Non – Finitive, Infinitive, Participles, Gerunds. (3 Hrs.)
  28. IQuestion Answers with Introduction. (4.3 Hrs.)
  29. IDescribing place, Personality, farmer, relative, If you became, If there is fire at your house what will you do? (3 Hrs.)
  30. ITell stories ,read stories, listen stories. (3 Hrs.)
  31. IWord building -suffix, prefix, opposite, formation of noun-Adjective, adverb, verb. List of the names of the birds, animals, insects,other creatures, days, months, geographical terms, movements and voice of birds and animals, Pronouns. 10, 000 words (10 Hrs.)
  32. IGroup discussions, debate, problem solving. (4.3 Hrs.)
  33. IWriting letters and applications (Some rules) (3 Hrs.)
  34. IWriting and pronunciation rules. (1.3 Hrs.)
  35. IQuestions, answers at railway station, stores, showrooms, (3 Hrs.)
  36. Isome special sentences. Police Station, inquiries, announcements. (3 Hrs.)
Total Hrs. : about 110 Hrs. & Appro. 73 lectures 110 Hrs.

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